Strumming and Lead Playing Using Good Right Hand Technique

In this free video guitar lesson, Keith Lynch discusses the importance of the right hand for great lead guitar playing.

Left/Right Hand Awareness

In this free guitar lesson video, Keith Lynch explains a simple technique for beginning guitar players to help them play better more quickly.

Beginner Guitar Lesson #1 with Keith Lynch – locating the proper muscles as we learn to play

This video explains the proper use of the muscles used as you begin playing guitar.  You can expect to have sore fingers for about a month but this goes away as you practice.  It also covers changing chords. Take your time.

Intermediate Guitar Lesson #1 with Keith Lynch – discussing good strumming technique

Most players are not aware that their strumming is not as advanced as their chord knowledge or solo ability.  Give the necessary attention to your strum hand and hear how much better you will sound.

Advanced Guitar Lesson #1 with Keith Lynch – playing over C7 and Bb7. Flating the 6 of the mixolydian scale

Playing over C7 and Bb7, I will toggle between the C mixolydian fingering and one of the melodic minor fingerings (think b6 of the mixolydian).  I will also toggle between the C maj pentatonic and Cmaj pentatonic with b6 which gives a cool color movement to the music.